Compact Embedded 1D Barcode Scanning Instrument

Compact structure for integration in various equipments
I/O trigger and Self-induced Mode
Fully enclosed

  • RS301
  • China
  • infoscan
  • 5-7 business days / 150 units
  • USB and RS232 interface
  • 12 months


RS301 Embedded Laser Barcode Scanner Features: 

◆I/O trigger and Self-induced Mode

Compact structure

USB & RS232 interface

Long-term stability

◆Full closure


Self - service terminal integration

Medical equipment

Ticketing terminal

Performance Parameters

Light Source: LED wave length 650mm±10nm

Host System Interface: USB, RS232

Physical Parameters

Dimensions: 46.0mm*42.6mm*19.3mm

Weight: 200g (including cable)

Electrical Parameters

Input Voltage: 5VDC±0.25V

Working Current: <100mA(typical value)

Stand-by Current: <1.5mA(typical value)

Laser Level: Level Class 2: IEC60825-1, EN60825-1

EMC: FCC Part15, ICES-003, EN5502 Class A

Environmental Parameters

Operating Temperature: -20°C~60°C

Storage Temperature: -40℃~70℃

Humidity: 5% to 95% relative humidity, non-condensing

Shock Resistance: 2000G over1KHZ

Ambient Light Immunity: Direct sunlight: 100,000 Lux

ESD Protection Level: ±8KV direct discharge

RF Anti-interference: 10v/m

Reading Parameters

Read Type: Single line

Reading Lines: 114 times / s 

Reading Angle: 48°

Print Contrast: The minimum reflection difference is 20%

Roll/ Pitch/ Yaw: 35°,50°,65°

Decode Capability: All standard 1D barcodes

Decode Range

4 mil Code 39: 109mm-149mm(4.3”-5.9”)

5 mil Code 39: 94mm-201mm(3.7”-7.9”)

7.5 mil Code 39: 68mm-305mm(2.7”-12.0”)

10 mil Code 39: 55mm-381mm(2.2”-15.0”)

13 mil 100% UPC: 52mm-457mm(2.0”-18.0”)

15 mil Code 39: 45mm-547mm(1.77”-21.5”)

20 mil Code 39: 43mm-680mm(1.7”-26.8”)

40 mil Code 39: 85mm-891mm(3.4”-35.1”)

55 mil Code 39: 119mm-976mm(4.7”-38.4”)

1d barcode scanner embedded

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