Fixed Mount 1.2 MP Industrial Barcode Scanner

Industrial superior fixed-mount code reader with auto-focus
1.2 megapixel high performance CMOS sensor, multiple lighting units with powerful image processing and decoding algorithm
Provide users with satisfactory reading and operation experiences in the face of challenging application scenarios like high-speed and high-frequency reading, high-density barcode reading and DPM barcode reading
Standby technical support and remote control help
Industrial integration for automatic manufacturing
1 free unit for every 50 units purchased

  • FV105
  • China
  • ODM acceptable
  • 5-7 business days / 100 units
  • RS232, TCP/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, USB
  • 24 months


FV105 is one model of infoscan's Industrial Barcode Scanner with superior performance. It has 1.2 megapixel High Performance CMOS sensor, multiple lighting units with powerful image processing and decoding algorithm. In the face of challenging application scenarios such as high-speed and high-frequency reading, high- density barcode reading and DPM barcode reading, FV105 can provide users with better reading and operation experiences.

Compact Industrial Barcode Scanner Product Features:

Rich lighting units Visual setup software Industrial product standard

The design of array light source ensures the uniformity of light intensity in the field of vision.

The groups of area light source can be controlled independently to meet the requirements of different reading applications.

Three lighting colors could be selected, that is red, white, blue. For high reflective surface, polarization

light source and atomization light source can be selected.

Online image view, convenient for installation and deployment.

The graphical I / O logic setting interface facilitates the interaction with peripheral devices.

Configuration parameters of the device and the output data.

Windows version and Mac version are available.

IP65 dust proof and waterproof grade.

Multiple I / O interfaces to meet industry standard.

Support industrial field communication protocol, and support both Ethernet and RS232 communication mods.

The chassis can rotate 90 degrees for easy installation in narrow space.

Auto focus and auto optimization of code reading parameters Powerful image processing and decoding algorithm Easy to control and integrate design

The built-in auto focus algorithm can automatically lock the focus distance according to reading requirement.

The built-in parameters auto-adjustment algorithm can automatically adjust and optimize the camera's parameters according to the site environment and focusing distance.

Read 1.6 mil high density bar code and 1.2 mm × 1.2 mm micro bar code.

Read up to 99 bar codes in the effective field of vision at one time.

Excellent reading performance for challenging barcodes such as stained, distorted, low contrast and DPM.

Meet the requirements of high frequency and high speed.

Multiple I/O interfaces, different operating modes and output modes can be easily configured.

Work together with ECS control box to realize the coordination of multiple devices, in order to meet the requirements of large field reading.

Development of light source, algorithm and communication protocol can be carried out according to customer requirements.



Fixed Mount Barcode reader

Industrial Barcode Scanner

1.2M Pixels Barcode Scanner

Fixed Mount Barcode reader

Industrial Barcode Scanner

1.2M Pixels Barcode Scanner

Solar energy industry Electronic manufacturing Automobile manufacturing Device integration Product traceability Laser marking and ink-jet marking
FV105 Technical Data FV105 View of Reading Field
Image Resolution 1280×960 Fixed Mount Barcode reader
Sensor 1/3 inch CMOS
Frame Rate Maximum 60 frame/s
Trigger Mode command trigger; I/O trigger; continuous reading mode; Presentation Mode
I/O Type isolated inputs; 4 isolated output
LED 4 LED indicator lights (power, reading success, reading failure, Auto focus and parameter adjustment)
Illumination High brightness/ polarization/ atomization light source; red/ White/ Blue optional LED light source
Focusing Mode Auto focus
Aiming System Laser aiming
Communication Interfaces RS232,TCP/IP,Profinet,Modbus TCP
Power Supply 20 - 30 VDC
Power Consumption

1. 9 W( Standby status);

14.4W((Peak)(Note 1)

FV105 Dimensions
Case Material Aluminum alloy Industrial Barcode Scanner
Weight Weight 192g
Dimensions 86mm×51mm×37.6mm ( L × W × H)
Operating Temperature 10~50℃
Storage Temperature -20~70℃
IP Protecting Grade IP65
Certification CE RoHS



1D, 2D and stack codes that meet national and international standards, OCR-A, OCR-B



1D code: 1.6 mil

2D code: 2 mil

Note 1:Measured without external load
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