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Newly Launched infoscan FV2X0 Series 2MP Industrial Barcode Reader

2023-04-07 11:52

FV2X0 series is a high-performance intelligent barcode reader launched by infoscan in March 2023.

infoscan Barcode Scannerfixed barcode scannerinfoscan stationary reader

It uses 2 megapixel wide-width and high-frame-rate CMOS, high-power lighting sources and liquid lenses with various specifications to address challenging code reading situations such as large field of vision, long-distance and ultra-high-speed.

In addition, the FV200 series is also the first industrial barcode reader equipped with a touch screen among China domestic brands. Users can complete equipment configuration and status acquisition offline through the screen.

infoscan Barcode Scanner  fixed barcode scanner  infoscan stationary reader

Product features
Significantly improvement of collection visual field

Improve the performance of reading high-speed moving barcodes

1920 * 1080 pixel high-frame-rate CMOS sensor

Adopt wide-width format, the long side pixel value has been increased from 1280 of the last generation to 1920, the field of vision has been improved by 50%

The standard lighting model (FV220) uses 16pcs high-brightness lamp beads; enhanced lighting model (FV260) has been expanded to 28pcs lamp beads; ensure sufficient illumination when shooting high-speed moving barcodes

Multi-core processor, high-speed image transmission processing and decoding

Innovative light source kits, fast switching of lighting modes

More intelligent industrial barcode reader

Multiple light source kits (polarized/atomized/combined light sources) enable flexible configuration of lighting

Innovative structural design, complete kit switching in only seconds

The first high-performance barcode reader equipped with a touch screen in China, which can realize offline configuring and quick knowledge of the status of the device

Multiple indicator light feedback allows operators to quickly obtain the barcode reading status

Updated "one-click automatic parameter adjustment" function for faster and better completion of auto-focus and parameters configuration

Detailed specifications check:                            

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