Industrial Autofocus Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner 1.2 MP

▲Industrial superior fixed-mount code reader with auto-focus
▲1.2 megapixel high performance CMOS sensor, powerful image processing and decoding algorithm
▲Innovative illumination units for DPM reading, switching illumination schemes in just a few seconds
▲Provide users with satisfactory reading and operation experiences in the face of challenging application scenarios like high-speed and high-frequency reading, high-density barcode reading
▲Support multiple industrial Ethernet protocols to cope with mainstream PLC communication integration

  • FV105
  • China
  • infoscan
  • 5-7 business days / 100 units
  • RS232, TCP/IP, FTP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP
  • 24 months


Innovative design of new illumination unit modules, achieving fast on-site switching of different illumination schemes (polarized light/atomized light/combined light); Significant improvement in lighting brightness and computing power; Enriched liquid lens specifications and configurations to meet more requirements of visual field and distance. It can widely meet various reading scenarios such as DPM challenging barcodes, multiple codes reading, high-speed, high-frequency, diverse fields of view and distance.

Product Features

Innovative Illumination Units for DPM Reading

Provide a Variety of Liquid Focusing LensGood Dynamic Reading PerformanceMeet Various Industrial Scenarios, With Better Versatility

▲Illumination cover options provided: atomization/polarization


▲Quick disassembly and installation, switching lighting schemes in just a few seconds

▲Optimized layout and brightness of the body Illumination, for more uniform lighting

▲The optional lens specifications are as follows: 6mm/12mm/16mm 

▲Long-term use of liquid lenses, accumulated rich experience in applications

▲High performance CMOS, providing an acquisition rate of 60 frames per second

▲60% Improvement in lighting brightness compared with the last generation products

▲Provide enhanced decoding mode for more efficient shooting and decoding

Support NPN and PNP trigger signals; Graphical setting of interface logic, for complex signal and data interaction

Support multiple industrial Ethernet protocols to cope with mainstream PLC communication integration

Rich software functions such as one-click automatic parameters adjustment, multiple sets of exposure polling, 10 sets built-in configurations, etc.



Fixed Mount Barcode reader

Industrial fixed Barcode Scanner

1.2MP Barcode Scanner

Fixed Mount Barcode reader

Industrial fixed Barcode Scanner

1.2MP Barcode Scanner

Solar energy industryElectronic manufacturingAutomobile manufacturingDevice integrationProduct traceabilityLaser marking and ink-jet marking
Technical Data
Sensor1/3 inch CMOS sensor, global shutter
Image Resolution1280×960
Frame RateUp to 60 frame/s
Lens TypeLiquid lens, auto-focus
Focal LengthFV105N: 6mm; FV105S: 12mm; FV105L: 16mm
Angle of ViewFV105N: 45° (horizontal), 33.8° (vertical), FV105S: 22° (horizontal) 16.5° (vertical) FV105L: 15° (horizontal) 11.25° (vertical)     
Roll/ Pitch/ Yaw360° (roll) / 65° (pitch) / 65° (yaw)
Trigger ModeCommand trigger; I/O trigger; Continuous reading mode; Key trigger, etc.
LED Indicator4pcs LED indicator lights (power, reading success, reading failure, automatic parameter adjustment)
Illumination Source

12pcs LED lights / Can be controlled in groups / High-brightness light source / Polarized light source

Illumination Source ColourRed / White LED light source available

Front Cover of Illumination

Atomization Cover / Polarization Cover / Atomization+Polarization Cover (combined use with high-brightness light source)
Aiming ModeLaser cross aiming
Laser Safety LevelClass 2

Maximum Output Power of Laser


Laser Wavelength


Communication InterfaceEthernet, Serial port
Communication ProtocolEthernet: TCP/IP, FTP, Profinet, Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP   Serial port: RS232
Power Supply20 ~ 30 VDC
Power Consumption

2.2W (Standby), 12W (Peak), 4W (Average)

Operating CurrentStandby: 110mA, Peak: 600mA, Average: 200mA
Number of Input Signals2
Type of Input SignalNPN or PNP
Effective Voltage of Input SignalNPN: ≤16V   PNP: ≥5V (Max: 24V)
Number of Output Signals4
Output Load CapacitySingle Maximum: 100mA@24VDC  Total Maximum: 200mA@24VDC
Shell MaterialAluminum alloy
WeightFV105N: 192.5g (excluding cables)  FV105S: 195.4g (excluding cables) FV105L: 191.3g (excluding cables)
Dimensions (L×W×H)88.9mm×52.8mm×37.8mm
Operating Temperature-25~60℃
Storage Temperature-40~70℃
Relative Humidity5% ~ 95%  non-condensing
Ambient Light Immunity0 ~ 100,000 Lux
Vibration Resistance

10 ~ 55 Hz, double amplitude 0.75mm, 3 hours in x, y or z direction

IP RatingIP65
ESD Protection±10KV Indirect coupling surface, ±16KV Direct air discharge
Explosion Proof Grade (specified model)Exib IIA T4 Gb
CertificationsCE, UL, RoHS, etc.

Readable Code Symbologies

1D, 2D and stacked codes that meet national and international standards

Maximum Reading Accuracy

FV105N 1D code: 1.67 mil    2D code: 2.5 mil

FV105S  1D code: 3.3 mil      2D code: 5 mil

FV105L  1D code: 0.67 mil    2D code: 1mil

Reading Distance and Reading Field of Vision                                                                                                                  Unit (mm)
Barcode specificationsFV105NFV105SFV105L
Code 128nearestfarthestnearestfarthestnearestfarthestReading DistanceX-axis field of viewY-axis field of viewX-axis field of viewY-axis field of viewX-axis field of viewY-axis field of view





Standard Model Configuration Table
FV105 (V2.0) Liquid Automatic Focusing Series
FV105N-11101.2 megapixel, 6mm liquid lens, red LED high-brightness light source, laser aiming
FV105S-11101.2 megapixel, 12mm liquid lens, red LED high-brightness light source, laser aiming
FV105L-11101.2 megapixel, 16mm liquid lens, red LED high-brightness light source, laser aiming

FV105 (V2.0) Dedicated Illumination Kits
Fixed Mount Barcode reader
FT10012PDHigh-brightness light source dedicated, semi-polarized with semi-atomized illumination kit
FT10012PPHigh-brightness light source dedicated, fully-polarized illumination kit
FT10012DDHigh-brightness light source dedicated, fully-atomized illumination kit
Mechanical Drawing                                                                                                                    Unit (mm)

Industrial fixed Barcode Scanner        1.2MP Barcode Scanner

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