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Industrial Barcode Readers 5 Major Features

2022-10-21 13:47

Industrial Barcode Readers 

5 features that make it the most effective reader in various industrial environments

Industrial barcode readers are specially designed for use in various industrial sites. Thanks to their robustness and IP rating, they work perfectly in extreme conditions and are even resistant to multiple drops. These characteristics are indispensable for tasks such as inventory control in these sectors, where dust or moisture can be encountered and can damage other readers with less protection.

In addition, in the logistics sector, it is very common that the reader has to be transported from one point to another in the warehouse to perform the necessary readings, which is why, on occasions, a wireless barcode reader can be very useful.

But it's not all about the ruggedness and durability of these industrial barcode readers. Both the industrial and logistics sectors handle a large amount of data that needs to be captured, sent and stored in a Warehouse Management System. This makes power and speed of reading other essential features of these barcode handheld scanners, in addition to reading accuracy, as labels can be damaged in transport or handling, making it difficult to read the barcodes printed on them.

Therefore, when selecting a suitable reader for work in industry or the logistics sector, we must ensure that it meets these 5 characteristics:

Speed: In industrial environments, people are working against the clock and scanners must respond efficiently, with no delays in sending and collecting data.

Power (wireless handheld model): It's not just about battery life, it also requires the barcode handheld scanners to have a good range no matter how far away you are.

Robustness: Industrial readers are able to withstand the most extreme conditions and are also resistant to multiple drops.

Accuracy: It has to be able to read any barcode regardless of the material it is printed on, its quality or size.

Communication protocols / interfaces for choice: Good industrial grade barcode scanner might provide multiple communication interfaces such as USB, RS232, TCP/IP, Profinet, Modbus TCP.

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