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Stationary Industrial Scanners Common Applications

2022-12-12 00:00

Stationary Industrial Scanners Common Applications

Stationary Industrial Scanners Common Applications

Whether your organization is looking to add stationary barcode reading to your conveyor system, integrate barcode reading capabilities to your machine, or automate your distribution model, stationary industrial scanning offers a solution for a wide range of applications. From shipping and receiving, to Work In Progress (WIP) traceability, to packaging, stationary industrial scanning solutions offer value to all facets of industrial automation. The ability to track and trace, automate sorting, and ensure a high level of accuracy provides added advantages for any organization. Common applications for Stationary industrial scanners include:

Shipping and Receiving

A critical component of every Warehouse Management System (WMS). Stationary industrial barcode verification confirms goods against the bill of lading and allows you to control inventory levels in real time. Output data verifies the right product goes in the right package, on the right pallet, loaded in the right truck, and ultimately delivered to the correct final destination.

Dimensioning and Weight

By adding DWS (Dimension, Weight, Scan) capabilities to your stationary industrial scanning solution, now you can capture product/packaging dimensions and weight as the package passes through the scan point. The system integrates the bar code, weight and dimension data into a single message that can be used for sortation and verification.

WIP Traceability

From raw material to finished good, WIP traceability allows you to track each unit throughout the manufacturing process. Track accuracy, output, and other viable production metrics in real time.

Direct Part Marking

DPM is used in applications where a printed barcode label simply will not hold up to the environments they used in or where a more permanent barcode is needed. These are typically lower resolution barcodes that require specialized readers to read them. infoscan offers professional DPM scanners specifically designed for these types of applications.

Label Printing

Barcode printing is a critical component for manufacturing, packaging, and distribution for all industries. Stationary Industrial scanning allows you to improve and control all aspects of your printing processes.

Secondary Packaging

To guarantee end-to-end traceability, stationary industrial scanning technology validates and controls the distribution network in the supply chain, as primary packaging is combined into secondary packaging boxes.

Stationary Industrial Scanners Common Benefits

The benefits of adding stationary industrial scanner technologies to your processes are virtually limitless. Tired of managing spreadsheets? Tired of unnecessary waste?


Eliminate human error and prevent unnecessary waste of resources.

Increased Quantities

Accelerate your throughput and maximize your organizations productivity.

Data Management

Use the output data to enhance your processes in virtually any field-bus communication protocol, removing the need for manual data entry.


Track every unit and every step up to final delivery. Ensures that no steps are missed in the manufacturing or distribution processes, allowing you to make real-time decisions, when needed, to prevent further negative impact.


Increase the quality of your product/service using barcode technology to control your manufacturing and distribution processes and inspect to ensure the best possible performance and outcome.


Deliver on-time, all-of-the time.

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