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not-so-clear QR Code Reading for Tanks Manufacturing

This order is regarding the customer's reqirements as below:

10 units fixed barcode scanners that read the barcodes in the tanks on production line

10 pcs handheld barcode scanners

---Manufacturing tanks for automobiles through conveyor

---Reading distance between 0-300 mm.

---Conveyor speed of advance is 7m/min

---not-so-clear QR code (bad contrast result between code and background)

Configurations provided from our engineers are as below:

FV63L-2300: 6mm lens ; white LED light ; combined light source ; accessories include power adaptor, ethernet/RS232 cables and metal support
FV105-1600white LED light ; atomized light source ( the atomizing sheet can be removed by yourself according to your needs on site ) ; accessories include power adaptor, cables and metal support

HS3260-10-U-02A: USB interface; accessories include 2 meter USB cable 

Now the first samples are on site ready for test.

barcode camera

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