Wired Handheld Industrial Barcode Scanner Device Rugged

▲Equipped with megapixel sensor, efficient processors and well-designed lighting units
▲Quickly read printed barcodes, radium carved barcodes and common DPM barcodes
▲IP65 protection grade, vibrating prompt, 1.8m drop resistant design

  • HS3260
  • China
  • infoscan
  • 5-7 business days / 100 units
  • USB keyboard , USB simulation serial, RS232
  • 36 months


HS3260 is an industrial wired handheld barcode scanner launched by brand "infoscan". Using megapixel sensor, efficient processors and well-designed lighting units. HS3260 series can instantly read printed barcodes, radium carved codes and common DPM barcodes, with IP65 protection grade design, vibrating prompt, 1.8m drop resistance, which fully meets harsh work environments. 

Product features
Excellent barcode reading performanceDiverse feedback prompts
Megapixel CMOS sensor with excellent image and decoding algorithm, greatly improves reading fluency and reading depth of field. Meet various reading scenarios such as label bar code, radium carving bar code and dot matrix bar code, etc.

Simultaneously equipped with LED light prompts, buzzer sound prompts and vibration sensing prompts. Ensure timely and accurate code reading feedback in noisy environment.

Universal communication interface

Industrial grade design for demanding environments

Supports USB keyboard, USB simulation serial port and RS232 communication.

Adopts IP65 protection grade design, which can withstand more than 30 times impact of 1.8m falling to cement ground. The product is strong and durable, which minimizes the failure occuring.

Industry applications

rugged Handheld scanner

handheld scanning devices

Bar code Reader

rugged Handheld scanner

handheld scanning devices

Home appliances manufacturing


Electronics manufacturing

Food and drug traceability

Automobile manufacturing

HS3260 Technical parameters 
Physical specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H)



261g (Cable not included)
Electrical specifications

Operating voltage

4.75 – 5.25 VDC

Operating current

380 mA

Standby current

140 mA

Communication interface

USB keyboard, USB simulated serial port, RS232

Indicating way

LED indication, buzzer indication and vibration indication

Reading performance
Sensor type1/4 inch CMOS sensor

Image resolution

1280 x 800


2 red light beads for internal lighting, 4 red light beads for external auxiliary lighting

Aiming modeLaser aiming
Minimum printing contrast


Motion tolerance

100 cm/s

Viewing angle

34° (horizontal), 21.25° (vertical)


360° (roll), 60° (pitch), 55° (yaw)

Reading symbologies

1D, 2D and stacked codes that comply with national and international standards

Maximum reading accuracy

1D code: 3 mil   2code: 5 mil

Environmental parameters

Operating temperature

-10°C ~ 45°C

Storage temperature

-30°C ~ 60°C

Relative humidity

5% to 95% (non- condensing)

Ambient light immunity

0 – 100,000 Lux
ESD protection±20KV air discharge, ±10KV direct discharge
IP  GradeIP65
Drop resistance

1.8m falling to the cement ground (30 times)

Reading range                                                                                                                                    unit: mm
Barcode Spec.



3.34mil Code128



5mil Code128



10mil Code128



15mil Code128



5mil DataMatrix



6.67mil DataMatrix



10mil DataMatrix



15mil DataMatrix



Standard model configuration table 
Unit modelDescriptions
HS3260-10-U-02AWired, handheld, red LED, USB set, cable of 2 meters
HS3260-10-R-02BWired, handheld, red LED, Serial port set, cable of 2 meters, 5V 2A power supply

Dimensions:                                                                                                                                         unit: mm

Bar code Reader

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rugged Handheld scanner

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