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High-pixel Image Barcode Readers Energize Automated Traceability

2022-11-01 15:27

The further development of international manufacturing industry needs to rely on industrial upgrading. The construction of a traceability system is a crucial link during the upgrading of the manufacturing industry. The traceability system can effectively improve the operation level of enterprises in many important aspects such as product quality control, distribution logistics business and terminal anti-counterfeiting. Whether or not it is automobile manufacturing, electronic equipment industry, pesticides and fertilizers industry, food and beverage industry, medical and pharmaceutical industry, there is surely a strong demand for the construction of traceability systems.

Image Barcode Reader 

However, the entering of the traceability system in the production process has also resulted in the lengthening of the production process and the complication of the process, which has virtually caused pressure on the enterprise to reduce production capacity and increase costs. In order to eliminate these negative effects caused by the traceability system, the traceability system must be more automated and intelligent. Bar code is a relatively mature object identification and automatic identification scheme among current low-cost schemes. After years of development, there are currently marking methods such as coding, laser engraving, thermal transfer printing and other methods to adapt to different target materials and shapes.

infoscan FV105 is an industrial code reader with autofocus. It has 1.2 megapixel High Performance CMOS sensor, multiple lighting units and powerful image processing and decoding algorithm. In the face of challenging application scenarios such as high-speed and high-frequency reading, high-density barcode reading and DPM barcode reading, FV105 can provide users with better reading and operation experience.

◇ The built-in auto focus algorithm can automatically lock the focus distance according to reading requirement

◇ The design of array light source ensures the uniformity of light intensity in the field of vision

◇ Read 1.6 mil high density bar code and 1.2 mm × 1.2 mm micro bar code

◇ Excellent reading performance for challenging barcodes such as stained, distorted, low contrast and DPM

◇ Meet the requirements of high frequency and high speed

◇ The graphical I / O logic setting interface facilitates the interaction with peripheral devices

◇ Windows version and Mac version are available

◇ Support industrial field communication protocol, like Ethernet, RS232, Profinet, Modbus TCP

◇ The chassis can rotate 90 degrees for easy installation in narrow space

◇ Work together with ECS control box to realize the coordination of multiple devices, in order to meet the requirements of large

field reading.

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