Handheld Barcode Scanner Corded Light Industrial Reader

▲All 1D and 2D barcodes are readable; label and screen barcodes can be read smoothly, even for stained barcodes
▲Support USB keyboard, USB simulated Serial port and RS232 communication
▲Designed to meet IP54 protection level, durable and reliable

  • HS3050
  • China
  • ODM acceptable
  • 5-7 business days / 100 units
  • USB keyboard, USB simulated Serial port, RS232
  • 36 months


HS3050 series handheld two-dimensional barcode reader adopts high-performance reading components, providing good reading fluency. Good reading performance for screen barcodes and stained barcodes, with strong applicability. The product adopts IP54 protection design, ensuring durable and reliable performance.

Product Features
Excellent ReliabilityGood Barcode Reading PerformanceUniversal Communication Interface

IP54 Protection Rating design 

Firm structure

Reliable performance

All 1D and 2D barcodes that meet national and international standards are readable; Label barcodes and screen barcodes can be read smoothlySupport USB keyboard, USB simulated Serial port and RS232 communication

handheld barcode scanner

Corded handheld barcode scanner

handheld barcode reader

LogisticsProduction Assembly LineTest Instrument
Reading Distance
Barcode SpecificationRange
10mil Code 39 10bit70-275mm
10mil Code 128 15bit50-265mm
15mil DM 15bit25-225mm
15mil QR 15bit15-180mm
20mil QR 15bit20-230mm
Technical Parameters
Image ResolutionArea image (640x480)
Motion Tolerance25cm/s
Viewing Angle45° (Horizontal)   30° (Vertical)
Illumination SourceVisible white light
Aiming Light SourceVisible red light
Communication InterfaceUSB keyboard port, USB simulated Serial port, RS232
Operating Voltage4.75-5.25VDC
Standby Current140mA
Operating Current360 mA
Dimensions160.0mmx 70.0mmx 107.0mm
Operating Temperature-20°C - 60°C
Storage Temperature-30°C - 70°C
Relative Humidity5% ~ 95% Non-condensing
IP RatingIP54
Ambient Light Immunity~ 100,000 lux
Shake Resistance2000G, 0.7ms, 3 axis
Drop ResistanceWithstand impacts of falling from a height of 1.2 meters onto the cement floor
Readable Code Symbologies1D, 2D and stacked barcodes that meet national and international standards
Maximum Reading Accuracy1D code: 3mil     2D code: 5mil 

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handheld barcode scanner

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