Industrial Handheld Wireless BT Barcode Reader

▲Megapixel sensor and efficient processor
▲Lightweight exterior design for easy hold; Horizontal or vertical communication base to meet your actual needs
▲Excellent wireless transmission performance
▲2500mAh battery capacity and optimized power saving mode ensures continuous operating time of over 9 hours
▲Easily read label barcodes, screen barcodes as well as DPM barcodes such as good laser engraving codes and inkjet codes

  • HS3155
  • China
  • infoscan
  • 5-7 business days / 100 units
  • USB simulated keyboard, USB simulated serial port
  • 36 months


HS3155 is a lightweight handheld wireless Bluetooth barcode reader, equipped with a megapixel sensor and efficient processor. HS3155 can quickly read label barcodes, screen barcodes and good DPM barcodes. The new generation of Bluetooth wireless technology enables transmission distances of over 80m, the combination of 2500mAh battery capacity and optimized power saving mode ensures good battery endurance of the device.

Product Features
Equipped With a 1.3 Million Pixels SensorHumanized Structural DesignMeet Universal Barcode Reading ScenariosWireless Transmission and Battery Life
The use of high pixel sensors significantly improves reading accuracy (3mil) and working distance compared to the last generation products

Lightweight exterior design for easy hold

Strong and durable, more suitable for long-term and high-frequency use scenarios

Reading accuracy can reach 3mil (1D) and 5mil (2D)

Easily read label barcodes and screen barcodes

Can read DPM barcodes such as good laser engraving codes and inkjet codes, etc.

Adopting next-generation Bluetooth transmission technology

Wireless communication distance can reach over 80m (in open space)

2500mAh Battery capacity combined with optimized power saving mode enables continuously use for more than 9 hours (triggered once every 2 seconds)

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Logistic Transportation

Food and Drug Traceability
Reading Range                                                                                                                                                           unit: mm
Barcode SpecificationsNearestFarthest
3.34mil Code 12840125
5mil Code 12830164
10mil Code 12815255
15mil Code 12815281

5mil DataMatrix3892
6.67mil DataMatrix33137
10mil DataMatrix20198
15mil DataMatrix 20227
Technical Parameters
SensorCMOS sensor
Image Resolution1280×1024
Acquisition SpeedUp to 60 frames per second
Angle of View44° (horizontal), 34° (vertical)
Roll/ Pitch/ Yaw360° (roll), 65° (pitch), 55° (yaw)
Reading DirectionElevation angle ± 60 °, inclination angle ± 55 °
Illumination SourceWhite LED
Aiming ModeRed LED
Communication InterfaceUSB (Simulated Serial port, Simulated Keyboard)
Operating VoltageReader: 4.2V ± 10% VDC, Base power supply: 5V ± 5% VDC/USB
Operating Current300mA
Standby Current165mA
Battery Specifications3.7V / 2500mAh
Battery EnduranceAbove 9 hours (triggered every 2 seconds, decoding over 16000 times in average)
Charging Time6 hours

Wireless Signal2.4-2.5 GHz Bandwidth range
Communication Distance80m (open), 20m (indoor)    Support storage
Storage Capacity20,000 pcs (13-bit character/pc)
Shell MaterialPC
WeightReader: 200g     Base: 167g (Horizontal base type) / 128g (Vertical base type)
Dimensions (L x W x H)Reader: 160.5mmx69.5mmx108.0mm; Communication base: 201.1mmx94.2mmx101.8mm (Horizontal); 128.0mmx98.0mmx85.0mm (Vertical)
Operating Temperature0℃~ 45
Storage Temperature-10℃ ~ 50℃
Relative Humidity5% ~ 95%  non-condensing
IP RatingIP54
CertificationsCE, FCC, RoHS
Ambient Light ImmunitySunlight: 10,000 Lux    Incandescent lamp: 6000 Lux
Drop ResistanceCapable of withstanding multiple impacts of falling from a height of 1.2 meters onto the cement floor (allowable deviation of 5 °)
Readable Code Symbologies1D, 2D, and stacked codes that comply with national and international standards

Maximum Reading


1D code: 3 mil,2D code: 5 mil
Standard Model Configuration Table
HS3155-02-U-02AWireless handheld, White LED, USB set, Horizontal communication base, Cable of 2 meters
HS3155-02-U-02BWireless handheld, White LED, USB set, Horizontal communication base, Cable of 2 meters, 5V Power supply
HS3155-05-U-02AWireless handheld, White LED, USB set, Vertical communication base, Cable of 2 meters
Overall Dimensions

HS3155  Horizontal Base Type

infoscan industrial handheld reader

HS3155  Vertical Base Type

handheld wireless barcode scanner

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