Industrial Compact Barcode Reader Fixed-focus

▲Compact structure suitable for equipment integration
▲Megapixel combines with excellent lighting
▲Common communication modes suit most equipment integration requirements
▲Excellent DPM reading ability

  • FV31/31L
  • China
  • infoscan
  • 5-7 business days / 100 units
  • RS232, USB (simulated keyboard, simulated serial port)
  • 24 months


Product Features

Embedded product; Ultra-small structure

Easy to be integrated with equipments

Megapixel combines with good illumination 

Dimensions: 40.0mmX37.4mmX26.9mm

1280*800 Pixel CMOS 

Taking the lead in providing polarized lighting

Excellent DPM reading ability

Keep up with the development of code reading applications

Support common communication modes 

Suitable for most equipment integration requirements

Applicable for normal barcodes and DPM codes 

Dynamic exposure can automatically adapt to more code reading requirements

The body interface supports Serial port / USB (simulated keyboard, simulated Serial port) communication modes

The interface automatically adapts to cable switching

Industry Applications

Industrial Compact Barcode Reader

Compact Industrial Reader

fixed qr code scanner

Industrial Compact Barcode Reader

Medical Testing Equipment Code Reading IntegrationTest Instrument Code Reading IntegrationSelf-service Terminals Code Reading IntegrationPrinting, inkjet code, etc., Encoding Match
Technical Specifications
Sensor1/4 inch CMOS, global shutter
Image Resolution1280X800
Collection SpeedUp to 72 frame/s
Focusing ModeFixed focus
Lens Focal LengthFV31: 4mm   FV31L/FV32: 6mm
Viewing AngleFV31: 48° (horizontal) FV31L/FV32: 34° (horizontal)
Trigger ModeCommand trigger, I/O trigger, Continuous reading mode, Key trigger, Induction mode
LED Indicator3 LED indicator lights (power, reading success, reading failure)
Illumination Source Type

Body light source: 2 LED (high-brightness)

Auxiliary light sources: 4 LED (high-brightness or polarized) 

Illumination Source ColorBody light source: Red LED   Auxiliary light source: Red or White LED 
Aiming ModeLaser cross aiming
Laser Safety LevelClass 2
Communication ModesRS232, USB (simulated Serial port, simulated Keyboard)
Power Supply5VDC / USB Power supply
Power Consumption1.2W (standby status), 1.75W (in average), 2W (peak)
Operation Current Standby: 240mA,  Average: 350mA,  Maximum: 400mA
Number of Input Signals 1
Type of Input Signals NPN or PNP
Number of Output Signals 2
Type of Output Signals Voltage signal
Shell MaterialAluminum alloy
Weight38g (Excluding cables)
Dimensions (L x W x H)40.0mm x 37.4mm x 26.9mm
Operating Temperature-10 ~ 50 ℃
Storage Temperature-20 ~ 65 ℃
Relative Humidity
5% ~ 95% non-condensing
Vibration Resistance10 to 55 Hz: Double amplitude 2.5mm / 3 hours in X, Y or Z direction
IP RatingIP54
EMCEN55032:2015, EN55024:2010
CertificationsCE, RoHS
Readable Code Symbologies1D, 2D and stacked codes that meet national and international standards
Maximum Reading Accuracy

FV31/FV31L: 1D code 3mil / 2D code 5mil;

FV32: 1D code 2mil / 2D code 3mil

Reading Distance and Visual Field   
Barcode SpecificationsFV31
Reading DistanceFV31FV31L
NearestFarthestNearestFarthestX-axis Visual FieldY-axis Visual FieldX-axis Visual FieldY-axis Visual Field
3.34mil Code 12850110601105040303020
5mil Code 1284013060120
6.67mil Code 1284014050140
10mil Code 128401603015010090607040
15mil Code 1284019040180

5mil DataMatrix40110701101501308010060
6.67mil DataMatrix4012060110
10mil DataMatrix4015050130
15mil DataMatrix401605015020017011013080
Standard Models Configuration Table
FV31-21101280*800 Pixels, Red LED light source, Standard light, Standard viewing angle
FV31-21001280*800 Pixels, White LED light source, Standard light, Standard viewing angle
FV31-22001280*800 Pixels, White LED light source, Polarized light, Standard viewing angle
FV31L-21101280*800 Pixels, Red LED light source, Standard light, Narrow viewing angle
FV31L-21001280*800 Pixels, White LED light source, Standard light, Narrow viewing angle
FV31L-22001280*800 Pixels, White LED light source, Polarized light, Narrow viewing angle
FV32-21101280*800 Pixels, Red LED light source, Standard light, High accuracy
FV32-21001280*800 Pixels, White LED light source, Standard light, High accuracy
FV32-22001280*800 Pixels, White LED light source, Polarized light, High accuracy

Compact Industrial Reader

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