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Characteristics and Applications of Fixed Mount Barcode Scanner

2022-12-09 16:08

It is understood that if the fixed-mount barcode scanners are not used in automatic assembly line, packaging line conveyor belt, logistics sorting assembly line, electronic factory assembly line PCB scanning and other application fields in the manufacturing industry, errors or omissions will inevitably occur. This is due to the different types and quality of barcode, and manual scanning is time-consuming and laborious. There are also problems such as missing scanning and barcode anomalies (such as duplicate code, wrong code, missing code, etc.) which are not conducive to improving production capacity. At the same time, due to the continuous operation of the assembly line, there is a great probability that the problems will be flowed into the next process, which will affect the overall product quality and increase the rework probability and production cost.

The purpose of the fixed barcode scanner is to read the barcode transmitted from the assembly line, ensure that all defective product barcodes can be automatically detected, thus ensuring product quality and greatly reducing the rework rate and production costs, so as to improve the efficiency and automation of the production line. 

barcode scanner

Characteristics of fixed barcode scanner:

1. Automatic induction and constant light scanning mode: no external sensor is required, automatic induction of barcode, automatic scanning and reading.

2. Omnidirectional reading mode: 360 degree omnidirectional reading of barcode, greatly reducing the trouble of locating barcode and ensuring fast and accurate reading of barcode.

3. Various specifications and models: high-density models, long-distance reading models, color image models, etc., in order to meet diverse needs.

4. Durable and reliable: durable structure and sealing provide reliable operation, allowing to operate data under almost all lighting conditions. 

Applications: semiconductor production, printed circuit board, assembly line production, component tracking, clinical instruments, self-service terminals and other fields.

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