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Precautions to Using a Handheld Barcode Reader

2022-12-10 16:49

Precautions for using a handheld barcode reader

1) It is not allowed to scan the barcode at a 90° angle between the scanner and the barcode. At 90°, the barcode cannot be identified effectively. The code must be aligned and fully encased by the scan line.

2) Do NOT randomly scan the barcode on the instruction manual, otherwise the scanner may not be able to scan. If you have any trouble or concerns about usage, please contact with your technical support at the first time.

3) During the reading process, for the same batch of barcodes, you will find that the distance between the scanner and the barcode is within a certain range, and the success rate of reading barcodes will be very high. This distance is the optimal reading distance.

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