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Industrial Stationary Barcode Scanners On the Production Line

2022-10-19 13:41

Industrial fixed mount barcode scanners

Increase productivity by scanning on your own production line or conveyor belts at high speed


The fixed industrial barcode scanner is perfect for some of the activities that take place in industry and logistics such as the reception of parts and products or the sorting of packages, as it allows a large volume of scanning to be carried out at high speed and from a distance, facilitating the work and increasing productivity

If your warehouse has a conveyor belt, you know how chaotic it can be when something goes wrong, bringing your production line to a standstill. In addition, some barcodes arrive damaged, making them difficult to read and slowing down the work. In demanding environments such as industry and the transport and logistics sector, where dust, humidity and other elements that can damage labels can be encountered, you need a barcode reader that speeds up the supply chain, avoiding possible reading errors.

Considering the features of these applications, here are the 4 must-have features of your industrial fixed barcode reader so that chaos doesn't take over your warehouse while still increasing your productivity:

Reading flexibility: Barcode readers are capable of adapting to any space.

Fast reading of a large volume of codes: One of the characteristics of this sector is the volume of codes that need to be scanned in a short time, so the speed of these industrial readers will increase your productivity

Ability to scan any barcode: Whether printed on paper, engraved on a product or displayed on a mobile device, they are capable of reading any barcode without error. You only need to choose the type of reader or model that best suits your needs, whether you are looking for a reader for pallet picking, to follow the traceability of your parts and products or to check the orders you have prepared before dispatching them.

Robustness: The quality of the materials in which they are designed make them perfect devices to work in demanding environments such as the transport and logistics sector or industries, where temperatures, humidity, dust or other debris and shavings; and even the handling of packages, can damage the labels and the readers themselves, causing a problem in the production of your company.

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