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Newly Launched infoscan FV63 Series Fixed Mount Integrated Barcode Scanner

2022-11-04 19:10

Newly launched infoscan FV63 Series Fixed Mount Integrated Barcode Scanner - Excellent DPM reading ability and greatly improved dynamic code reading performance in such a compact structure


▶Compact size  57*42*28.5 (mm)

▶Micro drive zooming technology, which can quickly adjust the focus plane without adjusting the installation position

▶Standard field of view 4mm lens, covering a large field of view at close range

 Narrow angle field of view 6mm lens to see farther and clearer

▶Standard Density version can reach 3mil DM, easily read 1mm x 1mm; HD version can read 1.8mil DM


▶Combined light source integrates brightness and polarization, with excellent adaptability

▶High brightness lighting model for dynamic and remote reading scenarios

▶Full polarized light model for high reflection and vertical reading scene

▶LED lighting is arranged in three groups: Top / Center / bottom

▶Three groups of lighting can be controlled independently

▶Equipped with up to seven image filters: expansion / corrosion / sharpening / averaging, etc


▶Rich light source combination and high-precision focus lens

▶Equipped with perfect DPM decoding algorithm

▶Strong ability of identifying DPM barcode: deformed / micro barcode / reflective barcode / poor contrast / no clear zone, etc

▶10 high brightness LED light sources and acquisition speed of 72 frames per second

▶Improve dynamic reading effect by more than 40% (compared with FV53)

▶One key learning can be realized through equipment press key or software operation, equipment focusing and parameter adjustment can be automatically completed

--Industrial Rating

▶Compatible with RS232 / USB / Ethernet communication

▶Support PROFINET TCP and Modbus TCP communication

▶IP65 protection / wide voltage power supply / aluminum alloy shell / anti-drag cable / aviation plug connector / corrosion-resistant glass

▶Meet the harsh environment requirements of industrial sites

▶2 inputs and 2 outputs

▶Adopt graphical editing and support custom logic

▶Good driving load capacity, driving relays / solenoid valves / alarm lights and other common loads

Multiple decoding scenarios:

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